Kube Investments

We believe in decentralization and innovation. We create people-powered worlds that are continuously learning and improving. For the people, by the people, for our worlds. We work with sustainable businesses to build kick-ass tech solutions in order to define a new normality.

Our investments focus on

  • Blockchain projects
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • NFT Project
  • Metaverse
  • Innovation
  • Smart Technology
  • Environment
  • Quality assets
  • Smart Technology
  • Properties


Our Team

Paolo Della Pepa

Founder, Managing Director, BIO

Marina Monturiol

Executive Assistant

Marc Parellada

Partner and CMO


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Financial Controller

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Apply online via our application form. We are accepting late applications and reviewing on a rolling basis.

Our goal is to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars right at the beginning of a company’s life before there is product or revenue, earn a courtside seat to the best companies by building a great relationship with them. We invest up to $1m. We generally target pre-seed valuations up to $7m.

We are located in Barcelona, Spain

Yes. We know talented entrepreneurs come from all around the world.

Yes, we believe in strong ideas, no matter what nor how many are carrying it.

Mainly blockchain, cryptocurrencies, innovation and technology, sustainable businesses, smart environmental ideas and real estate.

We love to invest pre-product and pre-revenue.

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